Friday, August 27, 2010

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Publisher: Speak
Copyright: 2004

Remy and her best-seller mother Barbara Starr have only about one thing in common: their many relationships. After her father died shortly after her birth, Remy grew up knowing more than five different stepfathers. Remy herself has not been able to keep a boyfriend; she's had over ten. But the summer her mother gets remarried (again!) and she meets Dexter, her perspective on what love really is changes.

Dexter is everything Remy doesn't look for in a guy: messy, disorganized, hyper and worst of all: a musician like her one hit wonder father who wrote the famous song This Lullaby for her on the day of her birth.
The summer before Remy and her friends Jesse, Chloe and Lissa part to go to different colleges in the fall, Remy learns a very important lesson: what love is and how it makes a difference in people's lives. It's the way Remy learns this lesson, though. She learns it by once more bringing her current relationship with Dexter to a screeching stop by hurting him, and getting taught courage by her mother who's sixth husband has an affair with someone else and leaves her.

Having read three books by Sarah Dessen now, I've noticed that it usually takes a few chapters to really start to like the novel, but what I liked about This Lullaby was how it intrigued me from the start. The story opened with some humor and emotion from Remy's point of view, and then quickly introduced the main plot.
Sarah Dessen had a humorous, intriguing beginning, a strong and fast-moving plot for the middle, and a suspenseful, eventful and unexpected ending.
Despite the well thought out plot for This Lullaby, what I did not appreciate was the mature content that happened to play a big part in the story. It gave This Lullaby a few good twists and turns, but did not make the plot seem very attractive. Due to that one attribute in the novel, I would not recommend this book for young teenagers.

Overall, This Lullaby was what I would call a good book. I wouldn't recommend it to all teen readers, but it is definitely To Read.

To Read  Not to Read


  1. Good Morning, I am a grandfather preparing to send my granddaughter some novels by Sarah Dessen. Before I purchase these books would it be possible for you to advise me if her novels contain and foul language or sexual innuendoes.-------Thanks

  2. I have read most of Sarah Dessen's novels; all are fantastic. However, there are usually one or two events in each of the novels involving sexual relations and there is the occasional bad word. This Lullaby is one of the worst of those cases. The mildest books by Sarah Dessen that I would recommend are Keeping the Moon, Along for the Ride and The Truth About Forever. Hope I helped!